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New Versions Available. TRAVERSE and OSAS

OSAS 7.5
OSAS version 7.5 is the second step in a major technical transition for the OSAS product.

As in prior versions of OSAS, version 7.5 offers a BBx® language implementation, which provides excellent scalability, stability and flexibility. Alternatively, version 7.5 also offers a new Java-based BBj implementation that allows you to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in Java.
Under BBj, the new user interface in version 7.5 allows you to open multiple function screens at one time or run functions for several companies simultaneously; an enhanced user interface works the way you do. And now with BBj, you can take advantage of this new graphical interface on non-Windows® operating systems such as Linux®, UNIX®, and Apple® Mac® OS X, making it easier for users to navigate through functions and menus. Details

OSAS 7.6 will be out at the beginning of 2010


  • Multicurrency
    · New enhancements allow you to assign any currency to General Ledger accounts, report and post unrealized gains and losses, and post realized gains or losses to General Ledger. You can also view customer, vendor, and bank data in base or default currency values.
  • Service Director
    · You can now review and schedule work orders with a new Dashboard view
    · Commission tracking, referral tracking, and customer territory information have been added to work orders
    · You now have the flexibility to include pricing information on work orders
  • Inventory
    · Save time with batch control for Transactions and Location Transfers in Inventory
  • Digital Dashboard
    Now included with System Manager, Digital Dashboard gives you an executive snapshot of key business indicators. You can personalize Digital Dashboard using over 25 pre-defined business metrics. You’ll have the flexibility to mix text and graphical data, and you can use a local or optional web-based viewer; Digital Dashboard supports both numeric and graphical representations.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Mobile Order (Handheld)

TRAVERSE 11.0 will be out soon with MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS

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