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OSAS 7.5 - Current Release

As in prior versions of OSAS, version 7.0 offers a BBx® language implementation, which provides excellent scalability, stability and flexibility. Alternatively, version 7.0 also offers a new Java-based BBj implementation that allows you to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in Java.
Under BBj, the new user interface in version 7.0 allows you to open multiple function screens at one time or run functions for several companies simultaneously; an enhanced user interface works the way you do. And now with BBj, you can take advantage of this new graphical interface on non-Windows® operating systems such as Linux®, UNIX®, and Apple® Mac® OS X, making it easier for users to navigate through functions and menus. Some of the other enhancements are:

  • Protecting Modifications
    New enhancements allow you to seperate your modifications from the base OSAS programs and specifying what directory the modifications are stored to allow the installation of update and new versions without effecting the modifications.
  • Mapping Addresses
    You can now connect to the Internet Websites to retrieve and veiw maps of addresses
  • Tracking Shipments
    You can connect to shipping companies websites (FEDEX) to track shipments
  • Document Sharing
    You are able to share document attachments with coworkers as well as attaching documents to Inventory Items, Customers,Vendors and Employees
  •  Drill-down from General Ledger to transactions from most modules
  •  Email Invoices, Statements to Customers; Purchase Orders to Vendors
  •  Ability to Void Direct Deposits
  •  Inactive Flag for General Ledger Accounts
  •  Inactive Flag for Employees\
  •  Landed Cost
  •  Banking Module
  •  Implement Canadian check standards
  •  Create Positive Pay files

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